Ristorante Convento dei Neveri - Bariano

An Extraordinary Place

Convento dei Neveri is located in Bariano, from the Latin word Barius.

A town of ancient Roman origin, Bariano was always an object of contention between the Bishoprics of Cremona and Bergamo, and later between the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice, as it is located right on the border demarcated by the Fosso Bergamasco canal.

Two thousand years
of history

Archaeological findings at the Convent dating back to a period between the 1st and 3rd century AD indicate that the structure, founded in 1480, stands on the ancient Roman settlement Vicus Averga.

Convento dei Neveri - History and Tradition
Ristorante Convento dei Neveri - Bariano

In 1860, the main church of the Convent, named S. Maria dé Neveri, was demolished.
However, the church of S. Maria del Carmine remains intact, bearing witness to an ancient and fascinating history, both from a devotional and historical-archaeological point of view: it stands where an early medieval church dedicated to St. John the Baptist was located, which in turn was built where a Roman nymphaeum probably once stood.

Gli affreschi originali

Inside the former convent is a chapel built on an early medieval parish church, with frescoes dating from the 4th and 5th centuries AD depicting episodes from the Old Testament.

This treasure remained hidden until the early 2000s, when recovery and enhancement began for the construction of the current restaurant.

Ristorante Convento dei Neveri Bariano
Convento dei Neveri - Insegna
Convento dei Neveri - Insegna
Convento dei Neveri - Insegna
Convento dei Neveri - Insegna


Indoor Halls


Outdoor Green Areas


Relaxing Garden Area

The Spaces

  • Parlor

    60 seats for a classic and essential style

  • Cloister Hall

    Up to 270 guests, for grand events

  • 10 small cells

    From 2 to 8 seats, in an aura of spirituality and privacy.

  • Lounge

    25 seats for private meetings and dinners

  • Roman Hall

    Over 180 guests immersed in a magical ambience

  • Olive Garden

    For moments of conviviality before, during and after events

  • Mezzanine

    30 seats in a modern and functional setting

  • Pond and
    Garden Hall

    Pleasant and elegant outdoor spaces for buffets and after-dinner parties