The History

Between history and modernity

In the winter of 2012, the Convento of Neveri, decided to open inside its smart and stylish accommodation, a restaurant that recalls a part of its history: The Braciere of the Convento. In fact, the latter, continues the tradition of what was the "Osteria della Nini", where once you could eat genuine products in front of a roaring fire and a good glass of wine, but revised in a modern and international way. The sample template is Taberne or Asado, where the menu mainly contain meat dishes, but with a difference: the meats ranging from the Prussian to the Spanish, not to mention one that offers the best of Italian meat.

Orari di apertura:
Dal Lunedì al Mercoledì: 12:00 - 14:30
Dal Giovedì al Sabato: 12:00 - 14:30 / 19:30 22:30
Domenica: chiuso

The Menù of Braciere del Convento

The rich meat dishes on the grill, are served with tasty regional appetizers and a selection of pasta for all tastes, always following the season. To accompany, a selection of wines for every occasion. The restaurant is thought for a young and dynamic clientele, in fact, the friendship table" is ideal for dinners with friends or to make friends with other diners. "

Menu a la carte